Manicures & Pedicures

Superior quality polishes

Pamper and nourishes tired feet natural nails

Basic through to advanced treatment of nails and hands

Treats hard skin and relaxes the body

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Manicures & Pedicures

From the ultimate in luxury of the deluxe manicure with paraffin wax through to a file and paint. Here at The Fountain Of Beauty, we can do your nails and manicures, and leave your nails feeling and looking fabulous.

If you don’t know the benefits of pedicures, you should keep reading.  We do this because we spend most of our waking hours on our feet and yet devote very little time to their care. Feet can suffer from poor circulation, strain and neglect. Don’t be that person.

Once a month a professional pedicure can keep your nails in check. The skin soft and healthy. The circulation improved and muscles relaxed. You deserve it. 

Our knowledgeable  therapist will soak those tired feet, remove dead skin and then work on your cuticles. A luxury massage cream will soften the skin and then we polish your nails. Great to relax and care for our precious feet so often neglected. So… are you ready to unwind a little?

* 24 hour notice needed to avoid a cancellation fee


Manicure & Pedicure FAQs

What is a manicure?

During a manicure we file and shape the nails, soak the fingers and work on your cuticles. A hand massage and nails painted taking 45mins to an hour.

What products do you use for nail treatments?

Mavala Switzerland

What is included in a treatment pedicure?

The feet are soaked, scrubbed and hard skin is removed with a foot rasp. Your feet are massaged, nails cut and filed, cuticles pushed back and trimmed before polish is applied.

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