Ear Piercing

Suitable for males and females

Pre sterilised earrings

Hygienically pierced to the highest standard

Hypoallergenic Gold or silver or diamond earrings

Suitable for the ear lobe

Recommended from 8 years old

Ear Piercing in Belfast

Safe, hygienic piercing using hypoallergenic earrings.

You love the look but you want to make sure you get your ear piercings in Belfast professionally done, first time around. There are many things to consider when choosing where to get your ears pierced.

Here at The Fountain Of Beauty, we use pre sterilised gold or silver earrings and your trained therapist will ensure the best possible results. We pierce the lobe. The lobe can have one piercing or can fit in 2 or 3 holes. We spend time marking the ear to ensure they are perfect for you. We do not pierce the cartilage part of the ear, a different method is required for that part of the ear. Our earrings come pre sterilised and are hypo allergenic, so suitable for even the most sensitive ears. 

We have gold or silver studs and they can be plain or with an inset diamond. The earrings are specially designed to be used for piercing and safe to keep in for prolonged spells.  You need to keep the earrings in for at least 4 weeks, you clean them daily and turn the earrings. All this will be explained when you visit. Aftercare is available and we tell you how to care for them.

You can get ears pierced very young but we prefer to wait till the child is 8 years old.  The reason we do this is that as the child grows so do their ears. If pierced very young the holes may not be in the right place when the child matures. Also I think it is important for the child to be old enough to look after the piercings themselves, to be responsible and take care of the area as directed. We have pierced ladies in their 80’s so there is no upper limit. We treat male and females.

* 24 hour notice needed to avoid a cancellation fee

Ear Piercing FAQ

Do I need to clean the earrings after piercing?

Yes and we can advise you what aftercare is needed and for how long. Its important to look after the piercing to prevent any problems. We give you easy instructions to follow..

Can I get the cartilage pierced, top of the ear or tragus pierced?

We do not pierce anything other than the lower lobe. It is possible to pierce other areas but a different gun must be used especially to pierce cartilage. We can pierce multiple holes in the lower lobe but no further up the ear.

How long does it take to get my ears pierced?

Not long at all. In fact, it usually takes less than 10 minutes to get everything all done and dusted. As we’re in Belfast City Centre, you can get back to your business in no time! Our therapists are available during the week, late nights Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday.

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