Can help to reduce ailments and pain

Lifts your mood and improves general well-being

Identifies areas of pressure and pain

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improve Your Wellbeing

During reflexology pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot and ankles, these points correspond to organs and areas of the body.

These points will be stimulated using finger and thumb pressure to identify areas of tenderness or tension.

Not only is reflexology relaxing it has a healing response and can help reduce some ailments and pain.

* 24 hour notice needed to avoid a cancellation fee

Reflexology FAQ

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain of stimulated points, cleanse the body of toxins, boost immune system, increase circulation, balance energy, lift mood and improve general well-being.

What should I expect from a Reflexology treatment?

The treatment usually lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. Your therapist will ask you to fill in a consultation before the treatment to discuss any issues you may have. During the treatment, you will lie down and the therapist will
massage, press and squeeze points on your feet. The therapist may concentrate on specific areas depending on any issues that were brought up during the consultation.

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