Full Body Massages in Belfast

Energises muscles

Reduces aches and pains

Performed by qualified staff

Relieves back tension

Specialist Neom body treatments

Feel Revitalised

Feel amazing and enjoy a moment of ambience and mindfulness as you wind down.

Our massages are revitalising experiences that energise your muscles and leave you feeling like pure gold. We offer full body massages from head to toe, or more specialised massages, like back tension massages. 

The most common massage services we offer are back tension and full body massages. Based in the city centre of Belfast, it’s quick and easy to pop in for a back massage on your lunch break.

* 24 hour notice needed to avoid a cancellation fee

Body Massage FAQ

What massages do you offer?

We offer full body massages and back tension massages. The full body massage takes approximately one hour. We also specialise in a Neom Body Treatment which also takes an hour, it is the ultimate in luxury and incorporates 5 types of massage and a guided meditation. 90 minutes is also available for this treatment. The back tension massage is 20-30 minutes. Within our manicure and pedicure treatments we massage the hands and feet. However, if you have more specific requirements. Please reach out to us.

What do I wear?

During the treatment pants are worn, we can provide disposables if needed. As there is a chance of oil getting on clothes, bear this in mind when dressing. Loose comfortable clothes best.

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